Museum Fields: Q&A with Becky Ashe

Hall of Fame's Administrative and Events Associate
discusses her role in Cooperstown


November 10, 2009

Each month, Museum Fields will introduce you to a staff member at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, taking you inside the daily operation of Cooperstown to get inside the thinking of members from the Museum's multitalented staff. For the month of November, we feature Administrative and Events Associate Becky Ashe.

Becky Ashe is the administrative and events associate for the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. (Milo Stewart Jr./National Baseball Hall of Fame Library)

What are your responsibilities here at the Hall of Fame?

BECKY ASHE: I am in charge of any special event that comes up in Cooperstown or at the Hall of Fame, including staff parties and holiday parties. I also process donations and annual fund donations for Development, along with organizing fundraising dinners and events. As the Events Associate, I also process and send out playoff tickets for the postseason and the Series. Any time a Hall of Famer or a high end donor comes to the Hall, I act as an escort.

What role do you play in the Museum’s mission to preserve history, honor excellence and connect generations?

ASHE: I collect the donations that come in to the Hall which keeps the Hall running. I also spend most of my time working with people, which helps keep me in touch with the visitors.

What made you want to work at the Baseball Hall of Fame?

ASHE: It’s a long story. When I graduated high school, the Director of the Hall of Fame at the time was a family friend. About three weeks after graduation, he called me and asked if I had a job yet. I didn’t so he told me to come in to interview. I was offered the job, accepted it, and have been here ever since.

Becky Ashe - Administrative
and Events Associate

 Birthplace: Cooperstown, NY
 Hall of Fame Debut: 1987
 Position: Administrative and Events Associate
 Bats: Right
 Throws: Right
 Favorite Team: New York Yankees
 Favorite Hall of Famer: Phil Niekro
 Fun Fact: I was the Dairy Maid of Otsego County in 1985

Aside from Induction Weekend, what is the biggest event you help with during the year?

ASHE: The Fantasy Camp and the Hall of Fame Classic are big events. Any time that a Hall of Famer or high end donor comes in to town, it requires some work.

What do you do to prepare for these events?

ASHE: It can vary depending on the event and the people coming in. I work with Whitney (Selover) to make sure that the VIP has a place to stay and travel accommodations. I also make sure I have plaque postcards to sign and anything else that I may need is ready to grab. One of the best things to do with these events is learn how to go with the flow and figure out how to get everything done when it has to be done.

What is your favorite exhibit at the Hall of Fame and why?

ASHE: The Plaque Gallery. It’s just a cool feeling; like walking through a church, the “Church of Baseball.” Everyone is really hushed and respectful. I like seeing the men who have accomplished so much. It is such an elite group and it means a lot to me to know some of them personally and see how much it means to them. It brings tears to their eyes, seeing their plaque hanging in the Gallery.

Do you have a favorite story about an experience here? (an artifact, a fan, a player)

ASHE: Phil Niekro is just a great guy. Anytime I am with him and he is around other Hall of Famers, or a group of friends, he just pulls out a deck of cards and does some awesome card tricks. He always has a joke or a story to tell and I love being around him. He is so genuine and down to earth, and such a big supporter of the Hall; he will do anything to help.

What do you like most about Cooperstown?

ASHE: It is a small, quaint town. Everyone is friendly with one another and always willing to help each other out. It is a beautiful village in all seasons.

If you weren’t working at the Hall, what would you be doing?

ASHE: I would probably be in an administrative position somewhere, possibly at a high school or college.

Lena Dubensky is the Fall 2009 public relations intern for the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

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