Hall of Fame Digital Preservation Project

Image from the PASTIME online collection: A black-and-white photograph of the 1948 Birmingham Black Barons. All the players are lined up in the dugout steps with one leg on the field. Willie Mays is identified on the back as being on the far right. Another player is identified as "me," presumably the owner of the photo. Below the team, handwritten on the front of the photograph, is "Birmingham Black Barons, American League Champions 1948." (National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum) 


With more than three million Library items, a quarter of a million unique images and 40,000 three-dimensional artifacts representing baseball’s illustrious history, the Museum preserves an immense physical collection that brings baseball history to life.

Through the Hall of Fame Digital Preservation Project, the Museum, over the next several years, will continue to digitally preserve its collections and Library archive, making the PASTIME digital collection the online portal for fans and students of the game to relive baseball’s greatest moments through the Museum’s collection.

Additional digitally preserved material – including photos, audio, video and text – from the Museum collection are added to PASTIME daily.

We hope that we can count on you to be part of something greater, to be part of the team that is committed to preserving history, honoring excellence and connecting generations. 

Hall of Fame Digital PRESERVATION Project